Sunday, May 08, 2005

First Blog Ever

Just to introduce myself and let you know what I am thinking these days.
I've been searching for a long time for the answer to the questions, "Why am I here?" And "What is my purpose in this life?"
Lately the answers have been coming at me and I am thinking this would be a good way to get my thoughts straight and possibly get some feedback.
I've always known that I have very deep perceptions of how people are feeling. Not sure where it comes from but possibly the upbringing I had got it all started. I may go into that more later, but for now I am testing the water so to speak.
A lot of people lately have been talking like this might be the end of the world because so much is happening in the way of spirituality. More and more people are becoming aware of the spirits that surround us and more and more people are searching for the same answers as I.
I think the most important thing I've learned lately is to trust my instincts, to believe in the lessons I am getting and to let go and let God.
Also, although I am learning a lot, I have to remember that I still am not an expert and I have to watch so I don't push others too hard. Or to try too hard myself to convince them I am right. I have to learn that when they are ready, they will listen and by forcing the knowledge on them, they are only turned away.
That's all for today. Nice to meet you.


Blogger dattaswami said...

Lord created this universe for the enjoyment without any selfish motive and we human beings are enjoying the creation. Like through nice parents, wife, children, beautiful nature consisting of pleasant looking mountains, rivers, sea, nature, changing weather etc.

If we cannot please the Lord, the human life is incomplete. We serve our family members by spending our hard earned money and also physically. Are we not serving family as Servant, and these family members are nearly equal to us. Where as, Lord is omnipotent and requires no help from us, many times satisfied our desires, saved us from mishaps etc. and if we cannot bow our head in front of Him, it is very ridiculous. It is very great honour to serve Him, this is the path followed by His real devotees. These real devotees could overcome ego and always wants to serve Him as servant.

Jesus preached the gospel and His followers participated in His mission as servants for further propagation of divine knowledge. These great devotees never hesitated to serve Lord Jesus and their names have also been known even today.

at the lotus feet of shri datta swami

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